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Here's a three step program to enjoying a delicious, healthy snack that will fit right into whatever diet de jour you are rocking these days. 

STEP 1: Pop the lid on the clamshell and run some water on over the fruit.

STEP 2: This is a little tricky.  Gently shake the excess water off the clamshell like a dog coming in from the rain. Wait, did we tell you to turn off the tap. Damn, well we did warn you this was the "tricky" step.

STEP 3: Enjoy the bite sized, super sweet tomatoes. It'll be like a party in your mouth!


Warning: Inserting too many bite sized tomatoes into your mouth at one time may cause a choking hazard. If you find yourself eating our grapes for more than four hours, please go back to the store and buy more. 

Grape tomatoes

Bite sized, super sweet, Crisp snap, and finishes Better than a fine cabernet

The snacking tomato that tastes so good you may feel guilty eating it...