American Cucumbers

No fat, Super low cal and oh so refreshing 

We know it's on your shopping list...but how many times!?

Cucumbers are the most versatile fruit ever! Yep, you heard it here first. Probably because we just made that up. But think about all the uses for cucumbers. Use them to give your favorite dress shoes a little shine. Bam! That just happened. Put slices on your eyes to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. Put them in a bath with some fresh mint for the most relaxing soak you'll ever have, throw a little Thievery Corporation on the I-pod and you can forget the Calgon. Oh and don't forget to rub them on the mirror beforehand, as it will prevent fogging. I know, right?   

SOOO MANY USES. But when you're done with all the external applications, EAT THEM!!  With salads, sushi, dips or with some gin, simple syrup, lime juice, basil and ice...Now that's refreshing.

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