At red wagon Farms we're an open book


We believe in saying what we do and doing what we say.  So in the spirit of full disclosure we're going to share our secret recipe for bringing you flavorful, healthy produce year around.  Are you ready????


One Part:  High quality seeds

One Part:  Pure, clean water

One Part:  Sunshine



Ok, there it is...seems pretty simple...actually, it is pretty simple.  "Damn it Jim, we're growing produce not building rockets!"  Any Star Trek fans out there...anyone??

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Welcome to our website.  We hope all of your questions are answered.  If not, just ask Bob:

Welcome to red WAGON FARMS!!!

We are a year around grower/shipper of premium fresh produce.  We specialize in providing high quality tomatoes, sweet bell peppers and cucumbers to retail, club and wholesale channels throughout the United States.  Flavor, quality and freshness drive our business.

We're passionate about fresh produce.

We grow quality first. 

We provide healthy choices for you and your family.

We consistently deliver.

We offer value every time.